Invitation to Eucharistic Adoration - Online Sign Up

YES. I am willing to spend 1 hour once a week with Jesus, who is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.

Adoration Hours Chart

I have a partner I need a partner No adorers Chapel Closed
Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Hourly Captain
12:00am X Gary Boll
1:00am X Gary Boll
2:00am X Gary Boll
3:00am X Nancy Boll
4:00am X Nancy Boll
5:00am X Nancy Boll
6:00am X X Arnold Stanger
7:00am X X X X X X X Arnold Stanger
8:00am X X Thalia DeMott
9:00am X X Thalia DeMott
10:00am X
X Diane Jacobsen
11:00am X X Arnold Stanger
12:00pm X X Linda Mercado
1:00pm X X Linda Mercado
2:00pm X X Linda Mercado
3:00pm X X Susan Lovato
4:00pm X X Susan Lovato
5:00pm X X Susan Lovato
6:00pm X X John Jakob
7:00pm X X John Jakob
8:00pm X X John Jakob
9:00pm X John Jakob
10:00pm X John Jakob
11:00pm X John Jakob