5th Sunday of Easter: The Door of Love

05-08-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Bing Colasito

Jn 13:3133a, 3435

Paul and Barnabas are back in Antioch after their successful missionary journey and tell everyone the good news of how the presence of the Lord Jesus is so apparent in the many places they visit. The Lord opens the door to the Gentiles, who are more receptive to the faith.

The Disciples' first Easter season is a picture of the Lord opening the door to the Jews, but more so to the Gentiles. Coming from the experience of an empty tomb: the message is that the door to new life is open to those who will accept the invitation to embrace the risen Lord.

In the first postresurrection appearance of Jesus with the Apostles, He passes through a locked door and imparts on them the greetings of peace, opening the doors of their heart to resurrection faith. As the disciples journey more deeply to their first Easter, another door opens at the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The upper room Church with the disciples filled with Paraclete rushes outside into the world to proclaim the Good News.

As we journey in this world, our progress depends on how much we open our hearts to God: to faith, His Divine Mercy, and the power of the Holy Spirit. If we want a transformation, we should allow the shaping of our hearts by God’s transforming grace. Jesus gives us the key to the door of faith:This is how they will know that you are my disciples; your love for one another.Not like the love, we are used to; Jesus refers to a special kind of love, a love that reflects His love for us.I give you a new commandment, love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples; if you have a love for one another.Our love for our neighbors reflects the kind and depth of love we have for our Lord.

Is it possible to love like God? From the natural perspective, no, but what is impossible for man is POSSIBLE for God; because nothing is impossible for God. To love the other unconditionally is made possible by God by loving us first unreservedly and infusing His love into our hearts through the power of the Holy SPIRIT, as St. Paul says in Rom. 5:5. So that, His love allows us to make a gift of love to others. And we have the examples of the thousands of martyrs who died for God’s love and the love of God for others.

Let our love for one another start in our homes, communities, and relationships. Do you know how to keep this kind of love burning? The elements for love to grow arerespect, trust, and gratitude.Jesus says in the Gospel: This is how they will know that you are my disciples. Love is what matters; without it, we are nothing we are not His disciples. That is why; let love also be the reason for our mission.

A wellknown surgeon was asked: Would you stop doing surgeries when your hands are shaky or when your eyes are falling? Perhaps we can all learn from this surgeon: When I no longer feel the pain and suffering of my patients and begin to see them as a statistic or one more case, then it is time for me to stop.Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks; but bears it out, even to the edge of doom. (William Shakespeare)