Adult Faith Formation

Baptism Team

Members of the Baptism Team help provide Sacramental preparation for parents and godparents seeking Baptism for their infants and children under seven.

Ministry Leaders: Mary Albrecht, (623) 551-3056
Sherri Michaelson, (623) 792-7481 or

(RCIA) Adult Sponsor

The Adult Sponsor is a fully-initiated Catholic who journeys with a candidate through the various stages of the RCIA and who presents them to the community at various rites.

Deacon John D'Amico:

(RCIA) Team Member

The RCIA Team Member is part of a formation team that journeys with candidates. The RCIA Ministry provides instruction in Catholicism to those individuals who have a desire, or interest in becoming Catholic.

Deacon John D'Amico:

Spirituality Committee

The Spirituality Committee helps promote lifelong learning and spiritual growth in the parish by assisting the staff members with planning the parish Advent and Lenten missions, bible studies, and other liturgical celebrations.

Ministry Leaders: Mary Gilstrap, (623) 551-0930 or
Tess Manzano, (623) 249-7768,