The Gifts of Peace and the Holy Spirit


At Pentecost, Jesus gifted His troubled and spiritually weak disciples with His PEACE and the HOLY SPIRIT. "Peace be with you… receive the Holy Spirit." Today especially, but for the rest of our life, let us pray to the Lord to grant us His PEACE, and the company of the Holy Spirit in our journey of life.

Lord Jesus, we do not understand how things will work out, but we trust in You. At times, we don’t see a way, but we know You will make a way. We have great faith that even now, You are touching hearts, opening doors and lining up the right opportunities for us. Sometimes, the horizon might be dark and gloomy, but we have faith that dawn is coming, in the Peace of Jesus, and the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Announcements & Events

Right for Life Ministry

A Right for Life Ministry will be starting. The Ministry’s focus will be to make the parish a center for life and on meeting the needs of the most vulnerable:

  • mothers and their unborn child
  • the seriously ill or dying and their families
  • the disabled
  • prisoners on death row


St. Rose and GSM Prayer Chain

Are you in need of Prayers?

Please contact our Prayer Chain at 623-465-2604 or prayerchain@stroseanthem.com.

That Man is You: Web Conference

May 29, 2020: 6:30am (weekly)

Wake up and come join the St. Rose and Good Shepherd Men. Give Deacon John a call and let him know you are interested in joining.