Essentials of the Catholic Faith

Aug 16 8:30am - 12:00pm Faith Formation

Calling people of all ages and stages in their faith journey, as well as current catechist and ministry core team members!! Join us for: "Essentials of the Catholic Faith" - a series of 10 Diocesan approved classes that occur in 2 part sessions held on Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am-12:00pm in the Parish Office Meeting Room.

The cost is FREE to St. Rose Parishioners and $10 per class for those outside the parish.

Interested in Catechist Certification? This program, upon completion, provides an opportunity to receive your Catechist Certification. Registration fee for certification: $15

CAT 101 and CAT 102 are for those teaching children, youth ministry and RCIA, and Bible Study classes, and, for those who are deciding whether or not to volunteer to teach.

Questions? Contact Jack or Karen Henz, or

CAT 101 Catechetical Methods and Practice

  • Wed, Aug 16 and Thu, Aug 17
  • What is "Evangelization" vs "Catechesis"? What is a "catechist"? Why is the Catholic Catechism important to me? What are diocese requirements for first Penance, Confirmation and first Holy Communion?

CAT 101 CAT 102 Catechetical Specialization Areas: Children's Catechesis, Youth Evangelization, RCIA/Adult Faith Formation

Wed, Aug 23 and Thu, Aug 24