Small Christian Communities Update & FAQ’s

Parish Activities

We’ve revised the schedule for our SCC retreats and have put together some FAQ's for you.

Communities Revised Schedule
Colossae & New World  Jan 20 & 21, Feb 3 & 4
Philippi & Corinth Feb 17 & 18, Mar 3 & 4

Q: What are Small Christian Communities (SCCs)?

A: SCCs are a means to develop community through reading the Bible and faith sharing. The parish has been divided into eight geographical communities. Each interested person will be assigned to a community as close to their home as possible. Each SCC will consist of 10 to 12 people with one person acting as the host and facilitator. Meetings will be held once per week in participant’s homes and will normally last between 60 and 90 minutes. It is not a Bible study; it’s faith sharing and fellowship. Through discussion and sharing, attendees will find their understanding of scripture will be greatly enhanced as well as their overall spiritual life.

Q: What is PREX?

A: Parish Renewal EXperience is our kick-off retreat for SCCs. It is an exciting retreat held over the course of two weekends. The program we have selected is known as “The Choice Wine.” It integrates the latest findings from modern science with the teachings of our faith.

Q: What does attending the retreat cost?

A: Attendance is free. Including all of the materials that are provided; most of which have been funded by generous donations from Catholics who have attended a previous program. At the end of the retreat, participants will be asked to consider a donation to assist future participants. The decision to do so is a personal one.

Q: Does this PREX retreat focus on married couples? I’m not married; should I attend?

A: All parishioners married or single are invited to attend The Choice Wine program was originally designed to assist married couples in the development of a Superabundant Marriage as understood by the Catholic Church. However, the content of the sessions can be applied by all Catholics looking to grow in their love and knowledge of God. It will provide a strong spiritual foundation that will truly prepare all participants, married or single, for the next step in our journey which is the creation of our Small Christian Communities.

Q: What if I join a SCC and decide that I really don’t fit in or can’t meet on their schedule. Is it possible to be assigned to another meeting?

A: Yes. It is very important that all members of a SCC are compatible and are able to bond with everyone. While we expect these situations to be few, our parish’s new Discipleship Coordinator will be able to assist.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Contact Bryan (Discipleship Coordinator) in the office at 623-465-9740 x101 or